All Transformers are put through stringent routine tests as per relevant standards. Necessary field conditions are created in our testing lab while testing the transformers. Testing is done during all stages of design, development and manufacturing processes. Special type tests may also be conducted at an authorized external lab as per customers request. We encourage our clients to witness all the routine and final tests to their utmost satisfaction.

  • Routine tests as per IS, IEC, ANSI, BS, DIN etc. 
  • Wide Range Type Tested at CPRI, India
  • Type tested at International lab in Hungry

At Marson’s we have adequate facility for conducting the following routine tests:

  • Measurement of Insulation Resistance
  • Measurement of Voltage Ratio and Check of Voltage Vector Relationship
  • Separate Source Voltage Withstand Test
  • Induced Over-voltage Withstand Test
  • Measurement of No Load Loss and Current
  • Measurement of Impedance Voltage/Short Circuit Impedance and Load Loss
  • Measurement of Winding Resistance
  • Unbalance Current
  • Oil Dielectric Test
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Air Pressure Test
  • Vacuum Test
  • Oil Leakage Test