Through continuous research and development, Marson's has successfully extended its product range to manufacture transformers upto 40 MVA at 66 KV voltage class and includes Energy Efficient & Star rated transformers. Marsons is also equipped to meet the special requirements of both domestic and international customers.

Recently entered into Turnkey projects and successfully executed four substations and many more are under execution.

Product Range

with OLTC
with internal OLTC
12/19/24 MVA
with sperate radiator bank and internal OLTC
26 MVA
with OLTC
10 MVA
with OLTC AVR & RTCC, SCADA enabled
20/25 MVA
with OLTC
1000 KVA Ground Mount 1 MVA Transformer 60HZ with AVR and ACB housed in L.V. Cabinet and internal OLTC 400 KVA Distribution Transformer with Conservator 1600 KVA with corrugated panel
Single phase Transformer 16 KVA 63 KVA 3 Star 100 KVA 3 Star CSP Type 50 KVA Pole Mounted